First Email from Mexico City

December 27, 2013  8:42 pm

Hola mi familia!

Well, I just got to the MTC here in Mexico City safe and sound. The flights were good. I sat next to an old mother and daughter from Mexico City who were spending the holidays in Miami. I didn't get to share much of the Gospel, but I let them know I was a missionary and I got to practice my Spanish with them. The driving was a little sketchy coming over, but the trip to Puerto Vallarta last summer prepared me well. We got our packets and have started the registration process. We had Costco pizza for dinner! Excellent stuff. I had to get another Hep B shot, but oh well. They also were handing out Spanish Scriptures here for those who didn't have them which were pretty much all the missionaries in my group. At least I got mine engraved and got to highlight them beforehand.

I promise to be more formal in my future letters. I'm just trying to get a lot of stuff done right now.

I love all of you, and have fun at the BYU Game tonight!


Elder Lund

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