Routines, Churizos from the CCM Taste Good, and Spanish Progress


This week was again really good. Unlike last week with all the orientations, we really got into rhythm with the gospel and Spanish classes.  There is a cycle that is taught at the CCM that helps missionaries get the most out of their work.
  1. Planning - Daily and Weekly
  2. Personal Study
  3. Companionship Study
  4. Language Study
  5. Teach by the Spirit
This basic cycle can probably be applied to anything post-mission as well, but that's not so important at this moment in time.

Right now, I feel confident with steps 1, 2, and 4 (probably because they are all personal). We taught Carlos a couple times this week and we got another investigator Francisco. These investigators are really just our teachers. The first week, we didn't know Carlos was going to be our teacher, but he showed up to class with a teacher name tag on. We all had a good laugh with him. Anyways, we taught Carlos with his member girlfriend there. We started off the lesson with some small talk. They were going to watch Titanic that night. We then went on to teach our prepared lessons on the Word of Wisdom and Chastity.  We plan on teaching them the Plan of Salvation tomorrow night and we will tie it back to Chastity.

My Spanish is getting a lot better. I am able to hold conversations well and teach the lessons in broken Spanish. My accent is still probably pretty bad and I STILL can't roll my r's. The other day, I was reading in PME and I could understand what I was reading. I didn't even have to translate it to English as I read too. Yes, there was the occasional word that I didn't know, but I looked it up and then moved on. I want to set a goal of reading the entire Libro de Mormon before I leave the CCM. I want to follow the example in The Other Side of Heaven by reading a verse in English and then a verse in Spanish. Our Mission President and his wife said we should be reading El Libro de Mormon everyday and they promised we would learn Spanish faster if we did this. There is not much time during the day to do it, so I'm planning to do it in the mornings, evenings, and preparation day. 

Basketball and ping pong are fun as usual. The food is good as usual. The weirdest thing, I guess, that I've eaten in el comedor - or cafeteria - has been cow throat burritos. Churizos, I think it's called. It was actually pretty good. I wouldn't be surprised if I've gained weight since being here.

Well, the preparation is coming along. Elder S is hilarious. He always puts a smile on my face. He's 6'0 and probably 350 pounds and played the O-line for Alta High.  I really get along with all the other missionaries in my district as well. Elder N wants to attend BYU after his mission and walk on to the football team. He's like 6'3-6'4 240 and athletic. We get along well. Elder N and I get along well too. We are always having little doctrinal discussions together. Elder R and I talk about our futures and we have really good games of ping pong. I don't really talk to the hermanas that much. In fact, Elder S was giving me a hard time and he told me to talk to them more. Not flirt, but talk haha. Even though we get along, sometimes we are a little too relaxed about things. I talked to the district about keeping all the mission rules and being more mature in speech and actions. They started improving after I gave them a little talk with a graph that I drew on the white board.

Well, that's all I have this week. I probably left out a lot of small details, but I got most of the good stuff. In the upcoming weeks, I will write a little bit more in Spanish as well.

Hasta Luego,

Elder Lund

CCM 1/3/14 - 1/9/14

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