Another Baptism, Elder Lund Celebrates his 20th Birthday in Honduras, Rain, and Awesome Baledas!

Elder Lund Really Likes Baleadas!

We had another baptism! A got baptized this past Friday. We´ve seen his progress from beginning to end (well, we´re still in the process of helping him endure to the end). He was truly the golden investigator and soaked up everything we taught him like a sponge. It was great to see him get baptized and confirmed and truly enter the straight and narrow path. Now, the rest of his family is going to be a little bit more difficult, but I think they´ll start to open their hearts more when they see the blessings in A´s life.

We played fútbol (on the basketball court, not a field) at the church Thursday night. While we were playing, it started raining super duro. It was a cool experience, but we got soaked. After, we had dinner in Santa Fe which was about a 10 minute walk and it started raining even harder. We were literally drenched and cold when we got to the member´s house. I don´t know if it was the difficult journey or the cooking, but those baleadas were awesome and probably the best I´ve had in Honduras so far. After dinner, we had a long 25 minute walk back to our casa. Although it wasn´t raining anymore, it was really windy and we were cold. Whatever, it´s the life of a missionary in Honduras. I´ll never forget the experience.

Well, I turned 20 yesterday. We had District Conference so we got to see a broadcast from Salt Lake for Central American Branches. Elders Richard G. Scott and Dallin H. Oaks talked. Us gringos had a room with the transmission in english. We listened to all the speakers in english except for Elder Scott because he can speak spanish. It was really cool listening to him in spanish. After the conference, Arsenio was confirmed and was being interviewed to receive the Aaronic Priesthood when we left to proselyte. 

We had a decent day teaching, and I did have a cream cheese cake at a member´s house before that. Pretty good birthday overall. My packages came on Saturday so thanks to all of you for everything!  
Short email this week, but I love you all and wish you the best.
Elder Lund

Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras 3/11/14 - 3/17/14

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