On Sunday Morning--I'm Making Pancakes


Well, sorry I didn´t get to write you guys on Monday. The internet went out in Ocotillo after being on for just 5 minutes and hasn´t come back until today in the afternoon. We got permission from the ZLs to write briefly for an hour instead of the usual two that we are allowed.

Good work week. First and foremost here in Ocotillo. We have continued teaching our families and they seem to be progressing a lot. We´ve stopped visiting other families as much, but still continue every now and then. We found out last week that - supposedly - all the weddings are free in the month of August in all of Honduras to promote the family. Pretty sweet tender mercy if it turns out to be true. The couple would still have to go to their birth place and take out their papeles de sultería but it still is going to cost significantly less.

We decided to pick up the familia E for church on Sunday. I told them how our family sometimes had big breakfasts Sunday mornings so I promised them to make pancakes. I woke up a little early on Sunday to start, but it took a lot more time than I anticipated. The stove kept turning off whenever it got to a certain temperature, but I finished. Also, they only sell syrup in SPS and we didn´t have time or money to take a bus out there before Sunday, so instead we improvised and bought sweetened condensed milk the night before...mmm. We arrived at their house around 8 in the morning.  We ate breakfast and left for church. They took a while to get ready so we arrived late for the sacrament, but the mom said they will leave earlier with us next week. They really liked church. Actually, before all of this, we had a member family come with us Thursday to finish up the plan of salvation lesson. Hmo M, it turns out, already knew the father from way way back and they both recognized each other and gave each other a big hug. Hmo M was drinking buddies with him but stopped spending time with him when he joined the church 15 or so years ago. "Coincidence, I think not!"  He bore his testimony and the family was really touched. The spirit was strong and the lesson ended under the moonlight because they don´t have electricity where they live. It was a really cool experience.

For P-day we went to the Laguna Ticamaya with the familia m. It´s about an hour walk from Ocotillo but probably less if it was just us missionaries. Obviously, we couldn´t fully enjoy it because we can´t swim, but it was fun nevertheless. I will send pictures next P-day.

Well, that is all I have for this week. Cheque!

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 8/4/14 - 8/11/14

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