He is the Gift--El es la Dadiva

This week had its ups...it had its downs...but overall decent week here in Río Lindo.

We had a good week with the church initiative "Él es la Dádiva" o sea, "He is the Gift." To be honest, the first day we started all the contacts were pretty terrible. The people really did not seem that interested. However, as the week went on, we began to see more success. We still contacted a bunch of people who just were not that interested, but we also found those who are open to the message. As a result, we have 18 new investigators just from this initiative. We will see how much they progress, but it´s a start.
On the other hand, we had some trouble with progressing investigators this week. One of our most pilas investigators left for Ceiba last week and still hasn´t come back. She was "supposed" to be back Wednesday, then Saturday, and then Sunday in the noche, but still nothing. N and O didn´t come to church, again. E and her family didn´t come to church, again. We have 3 "regalitos" - kids from a less active family who haven´t been baptized - that said they would come but didn´t come. Others we invited didn´t come.
The internet in this country , well, at least here in Río Lindo, is slow. I don´t even know if I can make a comparison. It is just super slow. We tried watching the Christmas Devotional last night in the capilla. We invited a less active family and the 3 regalitos. We got to the church and the internet wouldn´t load the video from lds.org Thankfully we had "El es la Dadiva" downloaded so we watched that.
I received Grandma And Grandpa Jones' package last week. Thank you for everything.


-Elder Lund

Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 12/1/14 - 12/8/14

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