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Another pretty good week in the mission field.

However, it started out with a bit of a "hic-up" between my companion Elder G and me. We have an investigator who has had some problems and we were talking about it during our evening planning session Tuesday night. I didn´t think it was getting out of control, but he got up all of the sudden and left to his room. I kind of laughed thinking, what went wrong? I felt like the conversation was not too confrontational. Anyways, he didn´t talk to me the entire morning. De hecho, he had done the exact same thing that I had done to my trainer Elder P...I shunned him and studied on my bed. We talked it though eventually, I shared my experiences in the past, and went out to work. I knew he was upset, and I knew he had to learn to work despite these feelings. I had learned that in Ocotillo. When you don´t feel like working or you are mad or you feel inadequate, you have to work. Talk with the people, make some contacts, etc. When this happens, all the negative emotions and feelings that Satan throws at us disapate. I wanted him to learn that for himself so I gave him 3 folletos and told him to contact people and I would follow his lead. He was still upset, and said "no, you're the trainer, you're the DL, etc, I´m going to follow you." We ended up sitting for an hour on a street corner. Moto taxis drove by asking us for a ride, but we ended up staying there until lunch. Our first appointment was at 3 in San Francisco, so we were going to contact until that time. Again, from 2 until 3, we sat there waiting. We were able to contact some people who approached us and asked questions, but my companion was still pretty quiet. By the end of the day after a good day's work and investigators progressing, he came through and we are back on good terms.

We went on to have a really good week. We had an excellent lesson with I. We invited him to a members house and they did a great job. B and his wife F helped him out a lot with the problems he is facing and he will be baptized this upcoming Saturday on the 17th. 

We had a really good lesson with E and O. We taught the plan of salvation and talked about temple work and eternal marriage. O is kind of "duro de corazón" but was intrigued by the message we shared. We asked him if he would like to be with E forever and he responded "SÍ HOMBRE!!!" There is still a lot of work to do, they have to get married legally first, then go to church (well, him at least. She´s already been 3 times) but with the help of the Lord, we will hopefully see some fruits soon.

We went to San Antonio this past Friday. It is part of our area but super far away. We were there pretty much the whole day. It is its own municipio but there aren´t many members there. There are just 2 active families and a handful of less-activese but that´s it. We had a good day and 3 people from the area went to church this sunday. We will probably work there every week and a half or so. It will be interesting to see that area in 5 years because there will probably be 2 sets of missionaries and a branch if the work can progress. All in the Lord´s timing and His will.

We had an awesome Sunday. 125 or so came to church and were kind of squished in the small house, but it was great. 7 investigators came to church including 3 from San Antonio, and 2 from San Francisco. A lot of Sacerdocio also were there. The meetings had its problems. Hermano A started talking about dancing and parties that the LDS youth go to during his lesson on agency. All the missionaries started looking at eachother because a lot of people believe dancing "bailando", even appropriately, is sin. (even though they also do dancing "danzando" supposedly there is a difference, during there church meetings). Anyways, it ended fine and they enjoyed the third hour much more.

A lot of work to do, a lot of tender blessings, and still a lot of problems, but that´s the way it goes. Cheque leque!

--Elder Lund

Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 12/29/14 - 1/5/15

PS - Who won the 2008 Orange Bowl? I saw a shirt that said "Kansas Jayhawks Orange Bowl Champions 2008" but I don´t remember them winning any bowls recently. I may have finally found that shirt haha.

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