Fe (Faith) -- A Short Word, But Brings Miracles

Well, another week here in the mission. We had set the goal to have 3 baptisms, but each one fell. However, we have a baptism this Saturday for A from San Francisco. His wife was going to be baptized as well, but told us last week that she doesn´t want to stop going to her evangelical church because she "met (came to know) Jesus" there...but after she told us that she is still going to go with her husband and learn more from us. I think she will follow her husband´s example when she recognizes the blessings and understands the doctrine of eternal marriage. Gotta have patience.

We had some ups and we had some downs with some investigators, but overall things are progressing. K is starting to open back up again. Her faith is building and she actually came to church yesterday! We also had R (11) and N come. R´s mom and sister didn´t come to church, but she is super animada and can help set the example for the family.

We had a lesson with J (N´s mom) this past Wednesday with one of the counselors of the Branch Presidency. We taught about the principle of Faith. Despite being such a short word (just "fe" in Spanish) it literally brings about miracles in our lives. Despite a good lesson, she still needs time to think about baptism. Thank you for being willing to donate for the operation, but we have been told not to give money (even for weddings) in order for the people to build their faith and remain active in the church after baptism.

I just found out from an email that investigators in Ocotillo - A y J and their son J - are making pizza with members so they can get married and baptized. Sweet!!!! The importance of planting seeds.

Well, yesterday we watched some videos from the Presidencia de Área about the Plan de Área 2015. It gave me a lot of ánimo to work harder in this part of the Lord´s vineyard. If you haven´t sent the birthday package, can you download these videos as well? Here´s the link:

After church, we went to San Francisco and had a neat experience. SF is kind of far and costs us 60 Lempiras in mototaxi (in total for both of us). When we got there, all of our citas had fallen within 5 minutes. I was a little bummed. I was thinking about taking a break for 15-20 minutes to think about some things (problems with chismes and chambres that some investigators had received from members of the ward earlier that day) but then remembered the experience in Ocotillo when the exact same thing happened. I had sat down and then remembered from Elder Holland´s BYU talk about Thomas Edison and said how after a devestating fire, Edison said "we´re rebuilding". We later found a referal and she and her two kids (R) went on to get baptized. Entonces, in San Francisco, I remembered that when I was discouraged and decided to "rebuild" and start contacting. To make a long story short, we found 2 great families. One family, the son was in San Pedro for 1-2 months during vacation and went to church with her older sister is a recent convert. We didn´t meet the family (only the son was there) but there are 4 in total that can be baptized. With a little more ánimo, we went contacting and I felt prompted to contact a house. The man said "come in come in"...joking around, I asked him if we knew each other and he said no, but we can right now. We went on to teach the Restoration and his wife came back at the end of "the great apostasy"...we finished the lesson and asked us about baptism. The "wife" (unión libre) told us "I want to get baptized, but I know I need to get married. A lot of churches say ´get baptized first and then married´ but I know from the bible that no fornicator can enter into the kingdom of God"...We challenged them to baptism and they accepted. They also know A so we invited them to his baptism. A lot of work to go, but my testimony has increased dramatically. When everything seems to have fallen, just say "we´re rebuilding" and then get to work.

Well, still don´t know if I have changes yet. We´ll find out tonight. If not, let´s have a good 4th change here in Río Lindo and if so, well, on to the next one.


-Elder Lund

Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 2/9/14 - 2/16/15

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