Loaves and Fishes


Quality week here in Cofradía. We had a multi-zone conference on Tuesday and then a mission conference broadcast on Saturday. I believe my favorite part from Tuesday came from President and Sister Dester about the Savior´s miracle when he fed the 5000 with just 5 loaves and 2 fishes.  Well, we all know the story...the Savior performed the miracle as he fed the 5000 and there was still extra left over. But in order for the miracle to first occur, they had to give their all. The Savior didn´t care if there were 5 loaves or 500; all he cared about was whether it was their all or not. In missionary work, or in our personal lives, when we consecrate our all to the Lord, He can perform great miracles despite our weaknesses, debilities, and mortal limits. Another favorite theme from the zone conference was how we need to have the spirit and Christ-like love for the people. When we do that, we can be like the "energizer bunny" and we will be able to endure the heat, setbacks, disappointments, and natural fatigue. He told us how President Kevin R. Duncan of the area presidency is always working and just never stops. He told us how the Apostles also are always working and just never stop. They always have the spirit, the always work out of love for God´s children and that gives them the energy to keep going, and going, and going.

On Wednesday, we gave service for the familia M. Basically, they live SUPER far (1 hour from the church when WE walk...probably 1 1/2 hours when they walk with their kids) and they have already come 7-8 Sundays. They are moving to the other Elders´ area to be closer to school and church. We are helping them with the move and the building of a new house on their lot. We basically macheted, cut tree branches, and then on Friday morning my comp and I went back by ourselves to continue and we had a huge "burn day" pile that went up in flames super quick.

This weekend, President Russell M. Nelson and the area president Kevin R. Duncan came to Tegucigalpa to talk to the central american area via satellite. We went to a marriage charla on Friday night with an investigator M (his wife unfortunately did not want to come).  Kevin R. Duncan gave an incredible, yet short, talk that truly changed the spirit of the meeting. He talked about the load capacities of 2x4 blocks of wood. 1 block can withstand 600 pounds, 2 blocks can withstand not 1200, but 1800 pounds. 2 blocks nailed together can withstand 4800 pounds and if you add a 3rd block, they can withstand 8400 pounds. The 2 first blocks represent us and our spouses. The nail represents temple marriage, and the third block represents the Lord. If we are sealed and include the Lord in our marriages, we have the power to withstand any difficulty or challenge. President Nelson finished the meeting talking about how we should treat our spouses, children, grandchildren, and how to have a successful marriage. He talked about a lot of awesome personal stories. Our investigator really enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, we had a mission conference again via satellite with President Nelson and Duncan. Again, he talked about a lot of subjects, but my favorite was his focus on helping investigators not just get baptized, but go to the temple. In order to qualify for eternal life, they have to go to the temple.

Well, that´s all I have this week. I love you guys!

-Elder Lund

Cofradía 1, Zona Cofradía 8/17/15 - 8/24/15

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