Elder Lund's Spanish is Progressing and Temple Blessings are Being Witnessed in Santa Rosa

The Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple--Where a recent convert will be able to attend this week.
First things first. My English has gotten worse as my Spanish has developed (inverse relationship guardino). There are many times throughout the week where I simply cannot remember the English word for something. It takes a lot of time to write a grammatically perfect/flowing email, so I´m rushing to get the most important things in. Forgive me. Also, Honduras´s power and water is weird/corrupt. Many times, the power goes completely out...at night we have to immediately go back to the apartment because it´s dangerous. Anyways, other times, the power sort of dims. I was heating something up in the microwave the other day when the power dimmed. It stopped cooking, but the timer kept going. Today while writing emails, the power has dimmed two separate times. The lights don´t go out, the radio doesn´t go out, but the computer turns off and I have to wait for the power to get stronger again. Third world problems.
We had a much better week. We got to go out of the house and work. We received a reference from Familia V and went to teach them (with the v). E and his wife and their 2 month old daughter. We taught a really great L1 with them. Unfortunately, they are going out for Semana Santa (along with pretty much everyone in Santa Rosa) but we have a lesson set up after vacaciones.
The best thing that happened this week was with F. A (our recent convert) is going to Teguc this week to attend the temple and do baptisms for the dead! His mom hasn´t progressed as much. (She´s still an investigator). However, a week before when we were stuck in the house, I got to teach a quick lesson with J. I used the example where you put sand and rocks in a jar. The sand represents the things of the world; the rocks represent the things of God. In order to get everything in the jar, you have to put the things of God first, and there will be room for the other things. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon EVERY day (even if just for 5 minutes) and pray about it. We promised her blessings that she would be able to accomplish everything she needed to do if she put God first. We followed up last week and she had been reading every day (8 days and counting). She recognized the blessings too. She said she felt peace. She also said that she had more energy throughout the day even though she gets up really early for her job. It was awesome to see her so happy and blessed just from reading the Book of Mormon. We are going to move forward and extend more commitments (poco a poco).
Semana Santa is this week. From what I´ve heard, I guess you could compare it to spring break, but almost everyone leaves for the playa. A lot of our investigators are going to be gone. Some will still be here to teach, but we may just do a lot of contacting (for those that are here). It´s going to be hot...30+ degrees here in Santa Rosa...apparently it hit 42 degrees plus humidity in San Pedro last Monday (yikes). Speaking of the weather, Santa Rosa is typically a colder area of Honduras. But, it hit 22 degrees on Thursday (I think 70s F) and I was cold. It felt like a chilly 50 or below in California. It´s going to be a big adjustment in 21 meses when I go back to BYU for winter semester.
Anyways, there´s a lot more stories, but I have recorded them elsewhere. If ye desire, search this other record after I return from preaching unto the Lamanites (See 2 Nefi 5:33).

Love you all,

Elder Lund

Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras 4/7/14 - 4/14/14

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