General Conference Blessings


Well, my companion broke his toe last p-day so we were stuck in the house the entire week. I tried my best to make plans so I could at least keep working. It was tough enough to make plans with people in the branch because our phone didn`t have saldo (basically no minutes in our balance) and we couldn`t make any calls, just receive them. I went on quick divisions to member´s houses in the mornings to use their phones to get a hold of the branch mission leader, but all of them had Tigo. Unfortunately, our branch mission leader has Claro and the member`s plans didn`t include calls to Claro phones. I did get a hold of the branch president for Friday`s plans and other members for the other days. Anyways, I did everything I could and had plans ready to work all day WednesdayThursday, and Friday - I would go out with Jason (going on a mission to Brazil in June) and someone would be my companion`s companion back at the house. Long story short, all the plans fell and I was stuck in the house pretty much the entire week. Thankfully, I got two lessons in with Jason Tuesday night, but it was still a really tough week. Our house felt like a prison and the power went out a couple times too. Elder Uchtdorf`s talk on gratitude has really helped me out, and I`ve tried to apply it more. My only wish is that I had heard that talk at the beginning of the week, but at least I have that knowledge for the future. My companion`s toe has gotten a little better and we should be able to work more this week.

Thursday night was just one of those nights. Every frustrating thing that has built up the past couple weeks kind of just came together. The power went out so I went outside onto the balcony. I just looked up at the stars and had a prayer in my heart asking for guidance and comfort. That comfort and guidance did not come immediately or all at once...little by little. When the power came back on, I read an MTC devotional from Elder Holland and my patriarchal blessing. These things, along with the awesome talks from General Conference, have really given me a refined focus and renewed energy for the mission. (Gotta always make sure your "phone" is charged)

I loved conference, but I don`t think I can pick out a single favorite talk. Jeffrey R. Holland was awesome as always. I enjoyed both of President Uchtdorf`s talks on gratitude and sleeping through the restoration. We didn`t get to understand any of President Monson`s talks. Every time he would speak, the signal would go in and out throughout all his talks. Oh Honduras. Well, at least we got to hear all of the others. Spiritual Whirlwinds, 4x4 pickups, Priesthood Keys, the internet, Priesthood Heroes, etc etc. They were all awesome. The night before, I prepared 5 specific questions for conference and every one of them was answered - whether the answer was apparent or if I had to dig a little deeper. Those questions brought great focus for my viewing and I recommend everyone - if they haven`t already done so - to start coming up with specific questions a week or so before the conference in the fall.

That`s really all I have. Helaman 5:12...whirlwinds - both spiritual and temporal - will come. Be prepared and you`ll be able to wait out the storm.

Nos Vemos

Elder Lund

Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras 4/1/14 - 4/7/14

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