Hola Ocotillo--Elder Lund's New Area in El Carmen


Well, I got changed to a new area. We got a phone call around 6:30 Monday night from the APs saying that I had an emergency change as well as another Elder in the house. I had to pack my bags and be at the mission office by 8:00 AM the next morning. Well, see you later Cofradía...I´m sure I will return to the zone before I´m through with the mission. (Pic is of the Cofradía house that morning)

I learned Tuesday morning that my new companion is Elder M. He is from Arlington, Texas and has around 11 months in the mission. His family is from El Salvador but he was born and raised in the states. He grew up knowning Spanish and English. His son who he was training went home. He had a hernia in his esophagus and is going back to recover. He will go home and then get recalled to a stateside mission.

Elder M opened the area and has only been here 2 weeks. He and his comp didn´t get the chance to work much (for obvious reasons) as they were in the mission office, hospital, and at the AP´s house for a majority of the time. So basically, we are both working together in a new area for both of us. We have a few investigators from the old area before they split it but we spent most of this week establishing a good foundation of investigators and menos activo to work off of. We are sowing a lot this change in hope for a big harvest of baptisms during the next change.

Oh, and my new area is Ocotillo. It is in El Carmen just outside of San Pedro Sula. Google it, it is pretty close to SPS. It´s a little bit hotter and a little bit more dangerous. The proselyting area we are in isn´t as dangerous as the others in Ocotillo, but we still have to be careful. We see the gang members driving around on their motorcycles at night patroling. They ride with 2 guys to a bike - one to drive and one to shoot. It´s actually completely illegal in Honduras because of this reason but they don´t care. We had dinner in a "hot zone" one night. It was pretty dark and a little sketch but nothing went down. Don´t worry mom...I have been told it´s not as bad as other areas like Chamelecon or Satélite. You can stay updated on the SPS news if you want.

Back to missionary work...a lot of potential baptisms we have are coming from less active members with children who weren´t presented to the church so they are technically under the mission´s stewardship if you want to call it that. We already have one of these getting baptized this upcoming week. I guess you could say this is the "low bearing fruit" or "high cotton" for us missionaries because it is simple. Reactivate the family, baptize the children.

We also contacted a lot this week and had some good success. We found a family of (potentially) 88. We gave service to the Grandma and brought back stove wood to her house. We asked about her family and she told us she had 13 kids (hopefully with spouses) and 60 grandchildren (with more on the way). They all live spread out in Ocotillo and about 10 of her grandchildren were running around the house at the time with the Grandpa and a few of the children. We talked about eternal families and left a L2 folleto and will stop by sometime this week. We also found a lot of other families but this one stood out.

We went to Wendy´s for P-day today. It was good to have American food again, but it still wasn`t quite the same quality but oh well. I am finally in a ward. It is nice, but the asistencia is a little low. Their building is very new and really nice inside and out.

Anyways, that´s it. ) love you all.

Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 5/13/14 - 5/19/14

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