Pretty Good Week


Pretty good week. G (I believe in previous weeks I may have spelled it Y) got baptized on Saturday! It was really great and all of her member sisters were able to make it as well. There are still a few others in the family who still need the gospel, but I´m sure it will come to pass sometime in the future.

Our other investigators E and D were not able to get married this week so they weren´t able to get baptized this week either. The biggest thing they lack now is time. Because of the marriage laws, they both have to go back to where they were born and take out records showing they are single. They can´t get others to do it for them and it must be where they were born because that is where their records stay. He will have to make close to an all-day trip because he´s from Santa Barbara and she is from a city closer to Teguc. Tough stuff, but we´ll see how it goes in the upcoming weeks.

We have another couple making progress too. The "wife" has been coming to church for a while and is ready to be baptized, but the "husband" is struggling. He made some major improvements though this week and came to church as a family yesterday too. I won´t say too much more at this time.

That´s all I have this week. Go get ´em out there!

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 7/7/14 - 7/14/14

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