Watching an Investigator Set His Sights on the Things of Heaven--Happy July 4th!

4th of July--Pizza Hut


Pretty good week. We celebrated the 4th of July by going to Pizza Hut for lunch. Ya, 'Merica! The waitress messed up our order but whatever. When we visited members that day, I told them ¨Feliz día. Hoy celebramos el primer paso de la Restauracion.¨ They all thought it was kind of funny.

We´re in the process of dropping a lot of investigators right now. They aren´t progressing and they are just dragging us down with them. It´s really tough to do because we´ve had so many great lessons with them, but they just aren´t ready right now to keep commitments.

I remember hearing before the mission that it´s tough getting the door slammed in your face everyday. I think I would prefer that, because we have great contacts and a lot of return appointments. When we go the next day, however, they somehow aren´t there. It happens a lot with our ¨progressing¨ investigators too. I get my hopes up, but then my heart literally gets ripped out.

Thankfully, we have one investigator who is truly being converted. He and his wife are making preparations to be married and then baptized this upcoming week or the following week if the marriage doesn´t work out this week. The husband has been working like a burro lately to save up money for the marriage papers. The colony where he lives got their water taken away recently and he is the only one that has the proper tools to build water wells. (Tender mercy of the Lord) He rents the equipment and then charges to help build the well. His personal well for his wife was having problems, and he worked through the night to build another one for his family instead of sleeping after a long day working at the Don Julio Chile factory and building other wells. All in the meanwhile, he has a smile on his face because he can´t wait for his baptism. He has no excuses. As the parable goes, he is selling everything he has to buy the field with the hidden treasure. I hope we can find more people like him or at least help people get to that level of commitment.

Well, that´s all I have. Love you all.

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 7/1/14 - 7/7/14

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