Six Months in the Mission Field

Elder Lund, R and Elder M

Well, I hit six months in the mission field this past Friday. It is crazy how fast it has gone by. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to burn a tie. We got back a little late and we live in apartments. I hope to burn one at the year mark.

This week, Elder Ochoa from the 70 came to speak to all the missionaries in the Benque Stake Center. It was a great meeting and we learned a lot about faith in Jesus Christ, how we can develop it, and how we can help our investigators also develop faith unto repentance.

My companion has been sick the past two weeks. We were in the hospital four mornings this week for stool samples to see what's wrong. Not once has he truly complained about it. He always has a smile. I know for a fact I would be irritable and complain. I have learned a lot from him in this situation and I hope I can apply it.

We have 3 really pilas investigators with fechas not this saturday but the following saturday. 2 of them have to get married and they have 2 young kids. The third is also pilas. She would be this Saturday but a family member died so we´re rescheduling it for the following week. It´s been tough for other people to keep their commitments. I don´t get it sometimes. We teach great great lessons and get them to commit, but when Sunday rolls around they still don´t come to church. I really don´t want to drop them but we may need to drop a lot pretty soon.

Last night, we got locked out of our apartment. We left the keys inside when we went out to proselyte and when we got back at 9:30, we realized we were in trouble. We tried going to the dueƱas house for the keys (right next door) but she was sleeping. We tried calling her. No luck. We had to sleep in the other Elder´s apartment. We had been doing some chapeando (machete) work in a field as service earlier and were all sweaty and itchy but couldn´t take a shower. We also didn´t have a bed, but we improvised and used some cardboard. When we got the keys in the morning, we returned to our apartment, but the electricty had gone out and their was no water to shower with. (hashtag) Cien por ciento catracho. (hashtag) foreign mission problems. I have photos of it but it´s on the other Elder´s camera. I will send it next week.

Well, that´s all I have. Talk to you next week.

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 6/23/14 - 6/30/14

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