World Cup Week

This week had a lot of ups and a few downs, but overall it was a good week. The lights went out last Monday. This has been the first time since I left Copán where they would go out all the time. We planned on having a lesson with our investigator L, but unfortunately we couldn´t leave the house. L is 19 and has a lot of interest in the church. We had some super maciza lessons with a member family (Hermano Santos shout out) for the past two Mondays, but we are limited to teaching him because he works at his family´s pulperia - . He is reading in the Book of Mormon and waiting to receive an answer of it´s truthfulness. It may be slow, but he will come around and experience the joys of the gospel.

We began teaching some former investigators this week. F (mom), L (daughter), and the grandma. The grandma is super católica and will not accept anything we say. She asked us if we believed in Mary, which we do of course, but she made the claim we didn´t because she was supposedly a virgin all her life and Jesus didn´t have any brothers or sisters. I kind of wanted to machete her referencing to the last verse in Mateo 1 and Mateo 13:55 or something like that, but I just said ¨I´m pretty sure it references to Jesus´s siblings in the Bible, but I guess I have to study more.¨ We taught a pretty good Restoration overview lesson with them. We asked if they believed the things we taught were true. They said they did, but they are waiting for that confirmation from the Holy Ghost. We could´ve challenged them to baptism, but we didn´t. The grandma kept getting in the way during the lesson so we´ll challenge them at a further date.

I´ll be honest. I don´t like contacting. References are so much easier and they tend to be better anyways. But, we had some fun times contacting this week. We contacted one house where two ladies were gutting chickens for soup. Pretty cool, but they were busy so we´ll contact again in the future. Near that house, we contacted again and they were busy so we came back the next day. The dad was lying on the couch watching TV and we asked what day we could come back. He replied ¨ninguno¨ ... ouch. We did have some success with a pink house on that same street. They are a family of 5. The father (I believe step father) is indio and the mother and the two teenage kids are garífuna. The father´s sister also lives with them. The indio father seemed really into the church. We were supposed to teach them yesterday, but we couldn´t. When Honduras plays in the world cup, we can´t be out and we have to be in early. On Sunday, we could only work from 4-7 and we had some more important citas in el porvenir since we have baptismal dates coming up for some of them.

Speaking of the world cup, it´s pretty crazy. Actually, it´s been relatively calm. People are glued to their TVs, but nothing crazy has happened. People light off fireworks (which are more like mini explosives here in Honduras) and drink a lot, but nothing out of the usual. Honduras lost and everyone was all sad.

Before the mission I never watched champions league and I never watched the World Cup, but now that I can´t (well, supposedly we can occasionally, just not all day but we´re still not going to) watch, I really want to. I can´t wait to get back and start to follow fútbol more in depth.

Anyways, that´s most of my week. Left out a lot but got most of the good stuff in. Talk to you next week.

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 6/9/14 - 6/16/14

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