Productive Week

Pretty decent week here in Ocotillo. We taught some really good lessons and have about 10 planned baptisms for June (I believe 8 with fecha and 2 others that we still need to set a exact fecha with). The unfortunate thing is we only had 2 investigators at church yesterday. We are having some problems with our investigators keeping their compromisos. I don´t completely understand - we have awesome lessons, the spirit is present, and they accept the compromiso, but they just never seem to fulfill it. It´s a little frustrating sometimes especially since we are pressured to have a ¨mega bautismo¨ at the end of June.

I´ve started to stop reading things in English. I had a goal of reading the Standard Works in English, but it will probably be better to just study the scriptures in Spanish. I have the rest of my life to read in English. I have begun packing up my English Scriptures, the English Missionary Library, etc. I have started doing this because I feel like my Spanish has been so-so the past 6 weeks or so. It might just be that I realize all the mistakes I make that I hadn´t before, but either way this will help.

We´ve made friends with (potentially) a mara salvatrucha. He drives a moto taxi here in Ocotillo. When we walk by the moto taxi area he is always asking us where we need to go or what things we need. He was given us his number and we call him when we need rides. Yesterday, there was a huge thunderstorm that came all of the sudden. We were a good 15 minute walk from home so we called the guy and he picked us up.

Being in San Pedro (well, just outside but still pretty much SPS) is awesome. We´ve had McDonalds, Wendy´s, Little Caesar´s, and we can find pretty much anything in the stores that would be in the states. Today we played Basketball in the Stake Center (Benque). It was a lot of fun to finally play basketball indoors again.

Well, that´s all I have. Cheque.

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 5/26/14 - 6/2/14

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