Getting Hot

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Well, another week in the mission field. Kind of a difficult week because our two baptisms fell, but the beat goes on.
Instead of explaining in depth all the things that went wrong (to sum it up, one baptismal candidate was still having issues with his younger cousin and the other still has a fear of drowning and won´t leave her room to talk to us with the rest of her member family), I will write about two quick experiences we had.
Thursday afternoon, we decided to visit C briefly before one of our planned appointments. Turns out, she had caught chikungunya (as almost everyone else here in Choloma) a few days earlier and was really sick. She accepted a short 10 minute lesson outside her house on her patio. We read Alma 7:11-12 and then explained the importance of prayer. We asked her if she prays morning and night and she said she did not. We taught her how to properly pray and then she accepted to pray and gave a brief, but sincere, prayer to end the visit. Milagrito. In the past, she refused and refused to pray and was having a tough time understanding the material.
This upcoming week, we have plans to baptize the Familia M - a family of 7 (4 baptisms at this time). The great thing about this family is the potential they have as an eternal family as well as their deseos to improve their lives. The members have helped out a ton. They have had visits, donated food after the surgery their youngest child had on his toe, etc, etc. We plan on baptizing them Friday or Sunday morning because the husband works every other day and has work this Saturday.
It was really really hot this week here in Choloma. A quote from the movie Holes came to mind. The granddaughter is digging holes on Christmas day and she says "I´m tired of this Grandpa!" and then the ´loving´ grandfather replies "Well that´s too darn bad!!! (clean version) You keep diggin´..." Well, Semana Santa is coming up and it´s going to be a hot one. Well, that´s just too darn bad...we´re going to keep working.

-Elder Lund

Los Almendros, Zona Choloma 3/17/15 - 3/23/15

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