Leadership Training

Well, another week here in Los Almendros! We had some problemitas this week with investigators, but overall pretty good.

We taught the Restoration to a grandma and her granddaughter (the granddaughter is 40) who were truly not ready to receive the message. They were spewing apostasy left and right. "La Biblia dice que cualquiera persona que tenga el deseo puede ser un apostol....(Yo)...Hermana, donde dice esto?...Bueno, no sé, pero yo digo que es así." She later went on to say that there are millones de apostoles throughout the world. Que Apostasía!!! We read some machete scriptures, but she harderned her heart. "Somos la iglesia!!! Jesús no va a venir por 4 paredes y un techo!" Ok hermana...vamos a regresar más adelante.

I had divisions with Elder Z, the ZL in Puerto Cortes. His little brother just got into BYU by the way and we talked about that. We had some good lessons and good contacts. They live right next to the refinery so there are a bunch of big-rigs hauling gasoline to all parts of the country. We didn´t have anything to do around 6:30 so we street contacted someone resting in una hamaca. Turns out, they live in Tegucigalpa and were waiting to fill up and leave in the morning with 6000 gallons of gasoline. We gave them a Book of Mormon and talked about the book and the church.

On Friday, we woke up early and went to Chamelecón for a Leadership Training Meeting. All the DLs and ZLs received capacitation from the Assistants and President Dester. I learned a lot and it was a really good day. We ate Pizza Hut in la terminal (bus station) on our way back.

When I got back, I gave an interview to a baptism in Los Almendros 2, but unfortunately she needs a little more time. I tried to be super loving and charitable, but she may be a little desanimado. The Elders were a little upset as well, but she has a chance to be baptized this Saturday or the next.

We had a pretty good Sunday. 4 investigators at church, better than I had expected. We did divisions with members in our ward who are super pilas. I went with hermano Carlos Marlet and we visited la familia L and a PF J y A. J is an inactive member and is the same age as C. They went to seminary together, but took different paths. J started a family with A while C served a mission in Chile. Big difference, but thanks to the atonement, J has the opportunity to "come back to the fold" and potentially have an eternal family. We had a good lesson with F. L as well.

Decent P-day. My comp is a little sick right now. We played fútbol with los zipotes (guys from the hood) in the morning. I went to retrieve the ball when it went out of bounds and it was in the ditch where water goes off into the river. It was filled with dirt and I thought it was secure but when I stepped into it it turns out that it was just mud and my foot went all the way down to the bottom. (Kind of like when Joseph Smith´s brother get´s stuck at the beginning of "The Restoration" video..."José, aydúdame!!!...Me caí" jaja) See the pic.

Anyways, that was this past week. We have a potential baptism this week, but still some problemitas. Cheque!

-Elder Lund

Los Almendros, Zona Choloma 2/23/14 - 3/2/15

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