Baptism, Day of Service, and a President Varney Sighting


This is President Varney from our Monterey Stake Presidency
Well, another week in the mission field. Today I hit 16 months! PUCHA VOS!

Let´s start off with the best news first. La Familia M were baptized and confirmed!!! They are super animated right now. I had the priveledge of baptizing the dad O. It was super special and the service was reverent, edifying, and well attended. They were confirmed on Sunday (it didn´t take up the entire sacrament meeting, but maybe someday I´ll witness that) and O received the Aaronic Priesthood. I will send pictures.

On Saturday, we went to Puerto Cortés for the Día del Servicio. We had a contracted bus take us from Choloma and it picked everyone up along the way. Dania Moncada went with her 5 kids which really surprised me, but just goes to show that they are pretty animated. We went to el Hospital de Area in Puerto Cortés to give service. Before turning off, we saw a really nice hospital, (I think it was called Hospital Caribe) and I thought to myself, "we aren´t going to do much, it´s already nice" but it turns out that it is a private hospital. When we arrived at the public hospital, it was clear that there was a lot of work to do. Words alone will not be able to describe the disorder of that facility. We divided into groups and our group went to two storage containers containing old medicamentos, and files to burn. The smell was horrible and thousands and thousands of medicamentos were going to be thrown away because of the poor management. Ugh, I can´t describe it too well. We then went upstairs and threw away old medicamentos that were ruined, old documents, and broken parts of the air conditioning unit. Dim lights, dirty, unorganized, bad medicamentos, dirt everywhere, hot, muggy, etc etc etc. The funny thing is I heard the other day from someone we teach that it is actually a good hospital relative to others. I had talked to nurses in Ocotillo while I was serving there that said people just die in the hospital because people forget to serve them, there are no medicamentos, etc. Count your many blessings.

All of our baptismal candidates have fallen. There are some serious obstacles getting in the way from apostasized mothers, to another coming back to live with the family from the pulpería. Frustrating.

16 months!!! We didn´t do much today. I woke up and made a 100% desayuno catracho...huevos, firjoles, mantequilla, pan blanco (aka hot dog buns because i couldn´t make tortillas de trigo), water from the 5 gallon jug, and I ate it while sitting in a hammock with a honduras shirt and ventilador.  Later, we went to the tanque and took pictures and stuff.

Well, that´s all I have. I´ll send the pics...LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

-Elder Lund

Los Almendros, Zona Choloma 4/20/15 - 4/27/15

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