Elder Lund tried to explain "planking"

Pretty good week. We had a baptism!!! A (who had fears of drowing) was able to finally enter the convenant path. We weren´t really planning on having her baptism this week, but we were able to help her make the decision. She got back from her vacation during semana santa on Monday. On Tuesday, we stopped by to talk to her about a "super baptism" that the stake was planning, we challenged her (well, not so much a "challenge" but an invitation), and she accepted. On Wednesday, before going over the baptismal interview questions, we played a game called "patito muerto" to break the ice and afterwards she really opened up and wasn´t so penosa. We had the interview Friday and the baptism on Saturday. The "super baptism" was cancelled because we were the only missionaries with a baptism, but we still had a nice service. She turns 12 soon and will be on her way. Her grandma and aunts (16 and 24 years old) who she lives with are giving her a lot of support and will continue to give the necessary support to stay active.

Well, on a tougher note, the familia M had their baptismal date changed again. They are going through a lot of problems right now. They are still a "familia de oro" because they need the blessings of the gospel even more.

We had some good progress with the Plan Misional Familiar. We were presented to 2 families and one of them came to church. We went to the part member familia Brito (we´re already teaching her brother´s family who are also part-members). We arrived and the mom was super sick and laying on the floor. We gave her a blessing and we had to kneel to put our hands on her head. She came to church on Sunday with her two daughters (13 and 11) and are really excited about possibly getting baptized this upcoming month. The other family has 6 children from 11 to 20something and the mom is soltera so she there is no marriage dilema. We are going to a noche de hogar tonight with the family who presented us to them. A lot of work to go, but pretty SWEET!

Good quality fast this past weekend. It was probably the second most difficult fast for me in the mission (temptations wise) because it was super hot and I got dehydrated from the beginning. But, I made it through and was able to rehydrate after.

Well, can´t think of anything else. Cheque!!!

-Elder Lund

Los Almendros, Zona Choloma 4/6/15 - 4/13/15

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