It's Hot and Baptismal Blessings

 Trying to fix the fan
 Celebrating at Pizza Hut
Well, another week in the mission field, and as I told you guys yesterday, I´ve got exactly 7 months (well, today 6 and 29 days) until I get back to you guys. Taking it day by day and working hard as always...

Anyways, we had a baptism this week - J (9 years old). His older sister (20-21 years) is a less active and we are teaching the parents and other sister as well. We contacted the family 2 weeks ago and saw J at church the past two sundays and we realized that he has been going frequently with his neighbor for the past year or two. In order to animate the rest of the family, we prepared J this past week for the interview and he got baptized. The abuela and aunt came to the baptism and really enjoyed it. We went to Pizza Hut to celebrate the change afterwards...6 baptisms woohoo! We don´t always get to see the fruits, but it sure is nice to see people take this step in the conversion process.
Well, we saw some progress in M!!! She and her daughter came to church on Saturday for the mother´s day activity, and then biggest of all she walked to church!!!! It´s probably a mile to a mile and a half. She is a single mother and has been suffering with effects of chicungunya with dolor de cabeza, dolor de los huesos, etc so it was a huge feat. She still needs to find a job really bad. I believe the Lord will bless her in these coming weeks for her obedience.
Other spiritual experiences, other progress, other lessons, other funny stories, but that´s all I´ve got for this week.


-Elder Lund

Los Almendros, Zona Choloma 4/27/15 - 5/4/15

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