Clean Up Work and Some New Photos

 Storm Clouds
 R's Baptism
The District
Drying Out from the Flood
Outside the Barber Shop

Pizza Hut  

Another week in the mission field. The work was a little tough this week. Some of our investigators are having some troubles with keeping commitments. One of the investigators finally got his papers to get married. His soon to be wife was supposed to go this weekend to get them. Hopefully they will be baptized the 27 of September or 4 of October depending on when they actually get married.

Our toilet was acting up Friday night. We let it be and decided to move along and plan for the next day. About 15 minutes into our planning, the neighbor downstairs (who is the niece of the owner) knocked on our door. We thought it was the other Elders so we said just a minute, wanting to finish up planning. She knocked again and said there was a problem. We got up and noticed that the floor was all wet coming from the bathroom. The water was leaving the front door into the main hallway of the apartment complex and was running off the second floor like a waterfall into the main entrance way. I went to the bathroom and turned off the water connected to the toilet. For the next hour or so, we spent sweeping out the water, mopping the floor, and drying off things that got wet. All in all, it wasn´t too bad, just a little embarrassing. Kind of funny looking back on it.

The bishop took the ward council to Pizza Hut. It was a lot of fun. It was also Elder T´s birthday so the employees sung to him. The primary president is a recent convert and ordered iced tea...apparently she didn´t know that was against the word of wisdom, but now she does. The bishop talked with her and told her that iced tea was included.

Nothing much besides that. Talk to you next week!
-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 9/8/14 - 9/15/14

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