One Wedding and Another Funeral


Well, another quick week in the mission field. To be honest, it had its tough moments where I really felt the Lord was turning up the heat of the "refiner´s fire" but overall it was really good.

E and D, investigators from the days of Elder M in May, finally were able to get married and baptized this past Saturday. There was a really good turnout for both the wedding and the baptism. I didn´t know if my white shirt would fit E but it does so I gave it to him. He is smart and has a lot of leadership potential. Erick, his 7 year old who turns 8 this upcoming March 19th (shout out to Victoria), kept telling me that he wants to be a missionary and "baptize a lot of people" haha. I´m really happy for them. Bishop Ramirez who passed away Sunday earlier in the week was like a second father to E and he took it pretty hard, but they are both really animated right now after having entered into the covenant path. I look forward to 1 year from now when they can be sealed in the temple in Teguc.

We are having a lot of success with other investigators, but the number one problem right now is marriages. We have 4 families that need to get married in order to get baptized and they are all really poor. Don´t know what to do. We are working on just strengthening the testimonies of the Restoration and of the Savior.

Another member died early this morning. Hermano S of the bishopric called us and asked us to help dig the grave in the cemetery. We spent most of our p-day doing it, but it was fun. We helped out and had other members of the ward help out too.  We were at their house from 9 in the morning on putting her in the casket (spelling?) and talking with members and then finished the grave around 5 so that´s why we are writing now. Not much of a "fun" p-day but rewarding.

I fulfilled 9 months in the mission on Saturday. It was a really good day because of the wedding and baptism. After, we tried to watch the women´s broadcast but the internet was really slow and wouldn´t load in the chapel. I had been sick (I know, the two headed dragon strikes again!) the previous two days and thought it had gone away. When we went to dinner after the baptism I felt it coming back. I told the mom, Hermana D H (S´s wife for future personal reference), but told her I wanted to finish the meal she prepared. Right after we left, it all came back out. The hermana had heard it and I assured her it wasn´t her cooking. As we walked back to the apartments, I saw several horses in the dirt street, an american school bus blasting music, little kids playing soccer with plastic futbols from the pulperia´s when you buy a bunch of churros (not mexican churros, chips like doritos), and a night sky filled with stars. At that moment, I said to, I´m really a missionary in Honduras and only have 15 months left. A moment I hope to never forget.

Well, that´s all I have for this week. Take care!!!

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 9/22/14 - 9/29/14

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