Staying in Octillo

Me voy a quedar en Ocotillo!!!!

Well, I don´t have changes so I´m staying in Ocotillo for another 6 weeks. This will probably be it, but who knows.

Pretty decent week here in the area. We´ve continued working with the families who need to get married. Hopefully, one of the families went this weekend to get their papers from the municipalidades where they were born. We will find out tomorrow if they were successful. As for the other family, we are doing all we can to motivate them to get the papers. It´s a big financial commitment because they live far away and therefore traveling costs are high (relatively) and they miss a day or two of working. We have set a goal for them to receive their papers by the 23rd of September.

We found a new family after a lesson with another investigator fell. My comp was waiting at the door because the mom was sleeping. During this time while we were waiting for her to get ready (to which the appointment ultimately fell through completely), I started talking to the neighbor who was eating dinner with some of her children outside. We talked a lot and turns out that she (her name is R by the way) had received the missionaries before. R told us she had great respect for the missionaries because about 5 years ago, another neighbor was being extremely rude and instead of talking badly back, the two missionaries entered the house and washed her clothes. R started tearing up a bit after relating the story to us. We´ve taught her about half of the Restoration and will finish up tomorrow. She is married (wow, that´s a first) and has 4 children. However, she is separated from her husband, well, not "together." He has another family with another woman, but they all live in the same house. A little awkward. Since she is technically still married, she won´t have any problems living in the same house and being baptized since she´s not the one breaking the law of chastity. We´ve challenged her to be baptized and will hopefully set a date tomorrow.

In the eight months since I´ve been here, I have only heard stories of a mysterious beast that plagues many missionaries here in Honduras. No longer a myth for me, I witnessed for myself this awful creature called the two-headed dragon: yes, diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. It started about 11:00 PM Friday night and lasted till about 9:00 AM the next morning. The funny thing is, during dinner Friday night, the member told us that a lot of families in Ocotillo, even members, buy food from the Dump (the basurera is about a 5 minutes drive away from us). Another funny thing...we had spaghetti and tortillas For 10 hours straight I could not sleep and couldn´t hold down anything. I was constantly going to the bathroom and going back and forth from the toilet to the sink.  Although I didn´t enjoy it at all, my gratitude for the Savior´s Atonement dramatically increased. I´m all good now. Don´t worry.

Oh, I saw a purple shirt with yellow writing that said "SHS Football" ... Salinas High? There were no other markings on the shirt but I told the guy wearing it that I played against that team. I still want to see a Super Bowl shirt that has the losers as the champions.

Well, that´s all I have. Over and out.

-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 9/1/14 - 9/8/14

Note From Elder Lund's Mom.  "I awoke early Saturday morning around 2:00am.  I felt Marcus was troubled.  I prayed and sang church hymns in my heart in order to help him.  Now I know he was ill indeed and I am grateful that my prayers were heard and that the illness was relatively short-lived.  Mother hearts seem to know when children are in need of a little help."

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