It's Cooler in Rio Lindo

¡Adiós Ocotillo...El Señor me mandó a ____!

Well, yes, I had changes this past Wednesday. I was placed in Río Lindo (Zona Yojoa) as comp mayor with Elder C from El Salvador.

Entonces, my new area is...a little different. Río Lindo is about an hour and a half bus ride south of SPS and it´s a bout 20 minutes from Lago Yojoa. It´s a little bit cooler here. When the people here acostumbrado to this cool weather say "Que Calor!" From what I´ve heard, it will be raining just about every day for the next 2 - 4 changes. I never used an umbrella because people mistake us for Testigos de Jehová, but I got drenched the first two days here, so I am going to start using it. Río Lindo, and San Francisco de Yojoa (part of our area) are a lot wealthier. Still not even close to the Residenciales, Jardines del Valle, or the States, but the houses are a bit nicer. Our house is nice. It was really dirty when I got there but we cleaned it today. There are 4 missionaries in the house - Elder C, Elder T (Chapin from Zona El Carmen), Elder P (Chapin from Zona El Carmen as well), and me. I will be speaking very little English this change.

The church is relatively small here. We have an asistencia of about 60-90. The "chapel" is a house that has been retrofitted to be a church. The church has already bought land for an actual chapel, but they need around 25 worthy male priesthood holders in order to construct, and we´re at less than 6 from what I´ve heard. There are already 30 on record and 97 who haven´t received the priesthood yet, so we´ll be working a lot on reactivating those hombres so that we can have a chapel sometime next year. It is really jam packed in the small house and I suppose that´s why attendance from our investigators has been pretty low before I got here. In order to further missionary work in the long run (and the short run, I guess), we need a chapel. Simple as that. More space, more activities to hermanar the investigators and less actives, etc. Work hard for baptisms, but work hard for reactivating priesthood holders as well.

When I as in Ocotillo, I spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday saying goodbye to all the people there - members, investigators, converts, pandilleros (the mototaxi guy jaja), and a lot of people we had contacted. I have a bunch of pictures...maybe I´ll send them next week because I don´t have my cable. It was a little tough saying goodbye, but hopefully we can keep in touch through Facebook when I get back or even return sometime after my mission.

Still getting to know the new area a little bit. Not a whole lot of quality investigators but we do have plans for a baptism on November 1st

Some goals I have for my time here in Río Lindo - Reactivate priesthood holders so we can start construction on a chapel, work hard, baptisms, develop Christlike attributes especially patience, charity, and humility, "luchar por dominar" my Spanish (not just the "missionary vocabulary" as Holland says in PMG), inspire all those around me ("light people up" as said in a previous email...I think from the former mission president in San Jose), and become the missionary and person the Lord wants me to become.

That´s all I have this week. Cheque! By the way, cheque is a slang word for saying "ok all good" or other phrases like that.

-Elder Lund
Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 10/15/14 - 10/20/14

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