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Well, another week in the mission field. It was a decent work week with its ups and downs, but all in all pretty good. On Tuesday, I had to go to Choloma to take a picture for my resident´s card in Honduras. The line was super long for people trying to get visas for the States. The camera angle was really low and the lady told me just to tilt my head down a ton. It was really uncomfortable and I don´t know how well the picture turned out, but we will see. 

Wow, it´s a lot tougher to get people to church than in Ocotillo. I don´t really blame the investigators, it would be a little tough to attend church in a small cramped house, but in the end it shouldn´t matter and we´ll keep working on it. The two weeks before I got here there were no investigators, last week we had 1 investigator, and this week we had 3 come to church. Small improvements.

We didn´t get to really focus on Sacerdocio this week because we didn´t have the records or addresses. On Friday, we met with the Branch President and his counselor in order to print out some forms. We saw the branch´s statistics on LDS.org and it was interesting to see how organized everything was. Another little testimony builder of the Lord´s church and His work of salvation.

I´ve gotten a little tired of just studying grammar out of the textbook for language study so I started something new: translating from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. President Dester is really good at translating and I would like to be able to translate both here and when I get back. Anyways, during the translation, when I don´t know something, I write the word or sentence structure down. I started out translating "Our Search for Happiness" but realized that Elder Ballard´s language is a little too complex...not tough to understand or translate, but he uses english sentence structures that don´t translate well into Spanish. Because of this, sometimes "Nuestra Busqueda de la Verdad" isn´t a direct translation and it is open up to judgement of the translator to make the change/adjustment. So...I started translating "Our Heritage" instead and the translations are more precise and therefore a better tool for language study.

We have been teaching and helping investigators progress, but nothing really has stood out or is interesting to tell about. We are hoping for 3 or 4 baptisms this change (hope is not a plan, but we only have 3 Sundays left in the change before the last Saturday) and working on preparing more for the next change.

Well, today I complete 10 months in the mission. 14 to get a lot of work done and become who I need to become. Cheque.

-Elder Lund
Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 10/21/14 - 10/27/14

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