Truly Enjoying the Mission

 Pictures From the Weddings and Baptisms


  And the Grave Digging as well

 Elder Lund found his Great-Great-Great Grandpa Lund


Well, first things first, I have changes this Wednesday. I have been serving here in Ocotillo for four changes, and it has been, by far, my favorite area. It´s going to be a little tough to leave. I have already said goodbye to some families and left them my photos with name and emails on them so that we can keep in touch.

We had a great start and end of my final week here in Ocotillo. We played fútbol at the synthetic turf canchitas with Zona San Pedro. It was a lot of fun but we were all super sore the next day. Later that night, we visited Hermana R, a super pilas contact that we´ve had, but nearly everytime we pass by she has not been there or was sleeping at only 6:00 PM. We have taught the Restoration and the Book of Mormon to her, but she has had problems with commitments during this time. We found out this past Monday that her husband left the house with his other woman that was living in the house. With the husband gone, R had no income coming in to support her or her two kids. We decided to read 1 Nefi 16 where Nefi breaks his bow...we taught her to rely on the Lord, but to take action. We promised her if she read the Book of Mormon everyday, and sincerely prayed, she would be able to provide for her family. Later that lesson she told us she knew the church was true because of a dream she had. In her dream, she said she entered the chapel in Ocotillo (she has never entered before) where she saw a lot of people in white including my companion and me. She said that I told her in the dream, "Hermana, didn´t I tell you this is the true church of Jesus Christ?" and she responded "Yes, I know" ... After hearing her account, we told her to continue reading and praying so these initial seeds of her testimony would grow. A lot of people seem to have dreams here in Honduras, BUT UNFORTUNATELY, usually it doesn´t lead to change. Similar to Laman and Lemuel not changing after seeing an angel, when we went back to her house later in the week. We asked her if she had been reading in the Book of Mormon. She said she had been "busy" as she was watching Caso Cerrado en la tele. It´s really tough when people don´t keep commitments, especially when they say they will.

M (9), on the other hand, was able to get baptized this Saturday. In August, I thought the family wouldn´t be coming back to church while I was here, but the Lord has his timetable to touch hearts. They have come back to church, been very open to us, and have had sincere desires to learn and fulfill commitments. I had the priveledge to baptize him. The baptismal service itself helped strengthen the family spiritually. His brother J (11) is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood in March and G (7) is preparing to be baptized in April. There is still a lot of work for the future missionaries and especially the members, but I know if they get the necessary support, they will be able to continue faithfully in el camino.

I went on divisions in La Aldea with Elder C. We had some really good lessons in his area. Later we had interviews with President Dester. My interview was really short, but good. We talked about the area, the importance of writing in journals, etc. I always learn something new or am more inspired after talking or hearing from him.

Quick question: who won Super Bowl XLV? I saw a "Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl Champs" today on the bus back to Ocotillo from SPS. It would be funny if they lost that year.

Well, you guys will find out next week where my new area is. I have loved Ocotillo. The members are great, we´ve had a lot of success, and I have learned how to truly enjoy the mission.


-Elder Lund
Ocotillo, El Carmen, SPS 10/6/14 - 10/13/14

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