Good Lessons

Another week in the mission field...Kind of a tough week, but I´m hoping to have a better one. The unity in the companionship isn´t really that great, but I´m going to try to work on that too. Nearly all of our fechas bautismales fell this week because no one came to church. It was raining and whenever there is rain hardly anyone comes. At 9:00, there were only us 4 missionaries, the Branch President, his wife, his daughter, and the Elder´s Quorum President. More people showed up later on but no investigators. People also were busy and left on vacations for Día de los seemed to me like the holiday wasn´t that big here as compared to Mexico, but people still were not in their homes for citas.

Nevertheless, we still had some pretty good lessons with investigators and less-active Sacerdocio. There are a lot of future holders of the melchizedek priesthood. The most frequent problem right now is these members were baptized when they were 10-12, went inactive at 12-14 and are now living in chocoleyde (living with their girlfriends) at age 20-28. It´s going to be tough, but we´ll see what we can do to help them come back to the fold.

P-day was kind of boring today. We went to Villanueva and ate lunch at Wendy´s. Got my haircut. Writing you guys. Cheque.

I don´t really have anything else to say. CHEQUE LEQUE!

-Elder Lund
Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 10/27/14 - 11/3/14

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