Chilly in Santa Cruz

Well, another week in the mission field. This week was a little bit better.
We were able to challenge more people to baptism since the citas weren´t
falling nearly as much. We also had 6 investigators in church, 3 kids and 3
adults. It was the primary program so a bunch of people went...I think it
was around 120 cramped into a small room, but still only 10 Melchizedek
Priesthood holders. We had 10 the previous week and probably 4-6 the weeks
before that.

I went on divisions with Elder H from Colombia on Friday in Santa
Cruz de Yojoa (no, sadly not the Santa Cruz with the beach boardwalk haha).
We had some really good lessons with their investigators. It´s always good
to have divisions because you always learn something new - how to
present the doctrine in the lessons a different way, study methods,
etc - from the other missionary. It was super cold in SC and by the
time we got back to the apartment, I was literally shivering. It was
drizzling a bit, but it was probably only 50-60 degrees haha. I don´t
know what I´m going to do to adjust to -20 Cel. when I get back to BYU
within a month being home from Honduras.

Today for P-day, we went to Santa Cruz to play fútbol and basketball
at the church as a district and with the Zone Leaders. It was a lot of
fun. Their church is really big and nice. It gives me a little
motivation to work harder so we can get a building like this in Río
Lindo. We ate pollo frito con tajadas. MMMM...

Well, that´s about it this week. I´m starting a gratitude journal
because I need to work on being grateful. Developing gratitude will
also help me develop other attributes like charity, humility, and
patience. Over and out.

-Elder Lund

Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 11/4/14 - 11/10/14

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