We had a lot of fallen citas and investigators with fecha who will not be getting baptized anytime soon. We have had hopes for P, a nine year old in a less-active family, who was progressing a lot. One day, however, the mom told us she wants nothing to do with the church. We asked her what was up and she told us again she wants nothing to do with the church. The family has been less active for a long time. Rumor has it that the family baptized only to receive financial help. When the food stopped, they stopped going to church. The family has also talked with the daughter and she will not be getting baptized until we can reactivate the family which will not likely be anytime soon. Other fechas fell as well. 

Another story to show how the week went. We were having a really great "Restauración" lesson and when we started teaching about the Book of Mormon, fumigators came to fumigate the house for mosquitos. Fumigators from the municipalidad have been coming around the colonias to do this, but somehow they happened to come at this time. We had to leave the house immediately and couldn´t finish the lesson with compromisos or even a prayer. Kind of frustrating.

Despite the week we had, I was somehow still happy. The refiner´s fire has helped me be more patient. The gratitude journal has also helped a lot. Even though I was a little bummed with the fumigation lesson, I was still grateful for the really good first part of the lesson that we had. Because the spirit was present in the principio, we should be able to finish the lesson and hopefully this family will be future members.

Although O has been struggling to progress, we finally got him a Libro de Mormón grande so that he can read. We started teaching his daughter and granddaughter as well. The granddaughter has already gone to church the past two weeks and is enjoying the lessons a lot. These will be 3 really good baptisms the next change if they can keep progressing.

We went to the tourist site Pulapansak today. There is a decent sized waterfall. We took pictures and had a good time together. I will send some photos in a bit.

We heard that the New York Times published an article on Joseph Smith this week. The local newspaper had published a little something as well and the branch president showed us the article. Maybe that´s why our investigators were a little less teachable this week, but things will cool off.

That´s all I have...cheque leque!

-Elder Lund

Río Lindo, Zona Yojoa 11/10/14 - 11/17/14

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