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Good week here in Cofradía.

We started off the week with divisions in Santa Barbara. We woke up early Tuesday morning in order to take a 2 hour bus ride to SB for their district meeting. I stayed in centro with Elder Permenter from Connecticut and Elder Chub from Guatemala. We had some quality lessons. The area is very mountaneous and very beautiful. At one point, we could see the sunset and almost all of the city of SB below as well as Galeras to the side.

We had some really neat experiences this week, but most of the investigators aren´t truly progressing towards baptism. We had plans to visit L but he wasn´t at home. He had started drinking a lot and his "wife" didn´t want to deal with anything so she called the police and they threw him in the jailhouse. We went around 7:30PM before dinner to go visit him. He was still pretty drunk but we had a small yet good lesson on word of wisdom and the atonement. We left him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet so he could read in the morning. There was just one jail was basically a block shed with no bathroom or even a bed. In fact, he was sleeping on the concrete floor when we got there. We tried visiting him later in the week but he was never at home.

On the other hand, we are still seeing great progress with M (Mother and mother-in-law of recent converts). She is reading a lot in the Book of Mormon and accepts everything we teach her. She is planning to be baptized this Saturday.

On Friday, we had a leadership council with all the Zone Leaders, the Assistants, and President and Sister Dester. We talked about some items of business for the mission and what we can do better to improve. The Assistants talked a lot about "el comprometerse" to accomplish the visions we have for the mission, our zone, our companionship, and ourselves ... I thought of dad and how he always tells us to be "doers" and not "ideators". After the consejo we went to migration for my companion and then to a baptismal interview in Paraíso. I did the interview and the candidate had a lot of faith and courage. Her family had gotten baptized 2 months earlier but she couldn´t because she was living in fornication. She had the faith necessary to leave the marido when he didn´t accept to get married. She has been blessed with a job and other blessings. PILAS.

Sunday was a little disappointing because we were expecting a big turnout at church from investigators, but only 2 came. On the other hand, we had visited some less active families and 3 families came! During testimony meeting, a family got up to bear there testimony but the dad said that people were gossiping about his wife and started saying stuff not appropriate for a testimony meeting, but between the accused and the bishop. The spirit kind of left the meeting and got out of control. After church, we visited an investigating family who live in Gracias a Dios #2. No one from the bishopric could come so we walked took us 55 minutes! They truly make the sacrifice to come to church and have come 3-5 times now. They are a reference from members. It was a beautiful walk and my comp and I talked about the mission and stuff.

Didn´t do much for p-day. Studied, cleaned the house, washed clothes, ate delivery pizza, and slept in the hammock. Well, that´s all I have. CHEQUE!

-Elder Lund

Cofradía 1, Zona Cofradía 5/26/15 - 6/1/15

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