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Multi-Zone Conference

Another quick week here in the mission field. Hit the 17 month mark and it´s already

We had a good week here in Cofradía. On Tuesday, we had a multi-zone conference (Zonas Merendón, Yojoa, and Cofradía) in Chamelecon. It was a really great conference and we learned a lot. Unfortunately, we came straight to internet after playing soccer and I forgot my notes, but I´ll try to remember some specifics of what we learned. We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and his critical role in the work of salvation (missionary work, retention, reactivation, etc). President Dester said something that was kind of "fuerte" but I really liked it. He said that without the spirit, we are just tourists here in Honduras, and that if it were so, he would not be here... he would choose to vacation in a different country. Direct, but very clear and informative. We also talked about the importance of doing the Lord´s will and not having fear to do what is right. We watched a talk by Elder Uchtdorf to future mission presidents about getting rid of our fears and how Peter became the great apostle despite his weaknesses.

Good work week as well. We are seeing great progress with Mari, Jose, Leonel, and Cristina. We were hoping to have a big turnout for sacrament meeting (8-12 investigators who had a really really good probability of going) but only 5 showed up. The most important is that Mari came because she has her baptismal date for the 13th of June. She is progressing well, left her church group, her church responsibilities, and is reading the Book of Mormon daily. She should be good to go. Other investigators aren´t progressing as much as we would like them to, but that´s the norm sometimes.

Well, I don´t really have anything else. CHEQUE LEQUE!!!

-Elder Lund

Cofradía 1, Zona Cofradía 5/26/15 - 6/1/15

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