Temple Blessings in Tegucigalpa

 Elder Lund's Zone

Another week here in the mission field. We had a lot of great lessons and memorable experiences this past week, but only one showed up at church. REALLY frustrating right now because we have a large group of investigators who have awesome potential, but no one is coming to church, entonces, no one is really progressing towards baptism this change.

We went to Santa Barbara to do divisions this past week. I went in a trio with Elder Martinez from Monterrey, Mexico and Elder Nelson from Arizona. We really had a great day. On the way there, a predicador got on the bus and started preaching. He was very enthusiastic and had that classic honduran preacher voice. At the end, he asked for ofrendas and many people gave him money. Moving on...we contacted a lot of people and found some really good nuevos as all the citas fell. We taught some really good lessons and the people were more receptive than usual. Near the end of the day, there were some riots in the streets and people with antorchas as they were protesting the government corruption that is going on. We avoided any trouble by letting the riot pass until we went to the next lesson.

We found a new family this week. Familia F-M. There are 5 potential baptisms and the oldest daughter was baptized when she was 11 but is less active. They are SUPER poor economically, spiritually, and have low enthusiasm in general. They really need the blessings of the gospel in their lives. We hope to see some progress because they are friends with M, A and I (recent converts) and they are going to help a lot.

Speaking of those recent converts, M (the baptism from last month) was able to go to the Temple in Tegucigalpa this past weekend and literally loved it. I am very confident that she will not go inactive. We are going to focus on temple attendance with new converts in the stake so there is better retention.

We went to a priesthood conference in the stake center in Chamelecón on Sunday. It was on awesome meeting and I left edificado. I learned a lot, felt the spirit, and received more animo to work more efficiently as a missionary.

We had a lesson that went downhill. Not going to explain it all here, but the investigator is named A and we are teaching him and his family. He has some serious learning and behavioural disablities, but he contacted us and said he wants to get baptized (missionaries taught him around 6 years ago but because of the same issues at age 9 they didn`t move forward) so we began teaching him. Basically, he got up "de la nada" and left for 2 minutes. "Where are you going A?"..."voy a hacer un mandado (I´m going to go run an errand)". It may not be funny for you guys, but in the moment it was super funny. Later on, one of the neighbors was present and we invited her to church and she said no and then A ´spilled the beans´ as he said "no va a ir, se lo juro por dios que va a jugar naipes con la mama (She´s not going to go, I promise you guys that she is going to go play cards with her mom (gamble))" Finally, near the end of the lesson, A was sitting on the edge of the pila and fell in with his legs and feet up in the air. I went running to the pila because you could easily drown, but he was able to get up on his own quickly. Que loca esta lección.

Well, we watched "El Monte del Señor" and played futbol and basketball as a partial zone today. Good stuff.

Well, that´s all I have. Oh ya, I hit the 18 month mark...yaaaa Cheque

-Elder Lund

Cofradía 1, Zona Cofradía 6/22/15 - 6/29/15

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