Another quick week here in the field. We had some ups, but we also had some downs.

E was preparing to get baptized this past Saturday, but his family came into town the Sunday before (30-31 de Agosto) and probably said something because on Monday he didn´t receive us, on Tuesday his heart was totally hardened, and on Wednesdayhe said he doesn´t want anything and gave us the Book of Mormon, folletos, the Liahona, etc. "I´m already baptized, and I don´t want to play with the things of God!!!" Even though before he had had that concern, but when we explained he readily accepted without contention. Our other families still aren´t married yet so there will be no baptisms this change.

CONOZCA A LOS MORMONES!!! Ya, we had a ward activity where we watched Meet the Mormons. We worked with the ward mission leader to put it on. It was a success. We had 14 or so investigators and many members. We were helping with the popcorn and drinks so we didn´t get to see much. I did see, however, most of the coach´s part and Bishnu as well. Cool stuff.

We had a leadership council this Friday with President, the APs, and the ZLs. After we went to lunch at Johnny Rockets (soooo good) and I went to the office to get my temple recommend renewed and my companion went to migracion for his residency.

N had baptisms on Saturday and we went to give the interviews. I interviewed the daughter, N, who is turning 9 in November. It was good interview, but I felt like mom in the primary. N "confessed" the sins of her member friend Adela. "Adela, who is like this tall (she put her hand up to show how tall she was)...do you know her? -no- Oh, well she´s baptized, but she says bad words -oh, well, we shouldn´t say bad words and if we do we should repent- oh ok. But also, she ...." It was precious.

Good turnout at church...6. At church, the chorister was wearing a shirt that said "mistletoe tester"...I don´t think anyone understood it but my comp and I.

The Familia Z is progressing well. We put a fecha bautismal with them for October. The mom couldn´t come to church, but 4 of the 5 kids came. They are reading the Book of Mormon and really like it. 

Well, that´s all I have this week. Nos Vemos!

-Elder Lund

Cofradía 1, Zona Cofradía 8/31/15 - 9/7/15

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