Time is Flying


Another quick week here in the mission field. We started out on Tuesday with a Zone Meeting where we talked about a zone fast (which we did at the end of this past week) in order to help the stake grow. There are some goals for the end of the year that we have to achieve. 

On that same Tuesday, I went and did divisions in La Aldea with Elder Cotí from Guatemala. He is the DL there and we actually came to the mission field together. It was a good day, but it rained really hard. It was interesting going from the city back to the pueblito, but I always loved being in La Aldea and Ocotillo a year ago. We taught some quality lessons, but I went primarily for the baptismal interview. It went well and the candidate was really nervous but I did my best to give encouragement.

On Friday, we had a leadership council in Benque with the APs, ZLs, and DLs of the mission as President led asking how we can improve as a mission. We focused a lot on how we can improve the sense of urgency here in the mission. President Duncan (the area president) had said that we should be warning the people as if a tsunami were coming. We should talk to as many people as we can because more than a tsunami is coming and we´re running out of time.

After the council, we again did divisions with La Ideal, but I stayed in our area with Elder Wight from Oregon (I had been on divisions with him while in Santa Cruz when I was in Río Lindo). The day went pretty well. We taught an English class with last second preparation. We taught a good lesson with a somehow pilas Roberto and Sullapa who live close to Johnny Rockets, and we finished the night with a good cena and a lesson with Josue and Wendy. Wendy is a member and we are working with Josue, but he works a lot. Other lessons that day fell so we contacted a lot.

We have seen a lot of progress with Familia Darce. The kids were baptized a year ago but the parents didn´t because they had problems getting married. The dad is from Nicaragua and needs to get divorced from someone first. The lawyer who they payed 7 months ago hasn´t done anything and he is asking for more money. We are thinking of changing lawyers and doing a fast. They have faithfully come to church the past two weeks as a family. We hope to have them married and baptized by the end of the year.

I hit the 21 month mark on Sunday. Wow. Converts Elio and Deisy from Ocotillo got baptized exactly a year ago but have had issues with despair since she miscarried in May/June. I am talking with the missionaries in Ocotillo right now and they are working with him so that they can hopefully be sealed by the end of the year. FYI, 73 days in counting...I´ll send the plane ticket when I get it later today.

Anyways, that´s all I have. Have a great week!!!

-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 9/21/15 - 9/28/15

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