General Conference--With Air Conditioning


Conference weekend!!! It wasn´t good..."it was FANTASTIC!!!" 

Well, before I get into that, I´ll briefly mention what happened this week. Anyways, I did divisions with Elder Correa from Panama in his area Primavera 1. The area was really interesting...on one corner we would see a group of mansions and then we would walk on and see a bunch of "humbler" homes. We had our first lesson near a stream. There was a small path from the start of the bridge (that would be tough to see if you didn´t know it was there) and we walked along the stream until we got to a number of shacks. I was used to it in other areas, but I haven´t seen it as much in the city. We taught some very good lessons, one in particular with a man who will be baptized this upcoming week. He is 72 and always walks to church from way up in the mountains (a good 45 minute walk). We taught a powerful lesson with a menos activa family that is making their way back. Near the end, we talked about the temple and how coming to conference would be one of those first steps to becoming an eternal family.

We had a powerful lesson on Wednesday with Josue and Wendy. Wendy is a less-active who just had a baby and we are working on Josue so they can get married and he can get baptized. We read the LDM with them and then talked about baptism and marriage. They are stressed right now with money and the baby, so we shared one last scripture before ending the night...DyC 61:36

 36  Y ahora de cierto os digo, y lo que digo a uno lo digo a todos: Sed de buen ánimo, hijitos, porque estoy en medio de vosotros, y no os he abandonado;

She started crying, but cheerfully crying. It was a good lesson and we are hoping to see them married and baptized by the end of the year.

We had an interesting Thursday...a ton of citas fell, but we were able to have a quality lesson with la familia Blanca. This was actually my first lesson with them and they seem really good. They are already married (miracle) but have a tough time going to church. We read Mosíah 2:22, 41 and testified about the blessings that we receive when we keep the commandments. We finished the lesson with them edified.

We had interviews with President Dester on Friday and then I had divisions with Elder Marte form the Dominican Republic (we lived in the same house in Cofradía). I love interviews. I always leave edified. Unfortunaley, most of our citas were cancelled by text message before we even left the chapel, but we did have the Carpeta de Área (Area Book) for revisions by the APs. We decided to try to contact and look for the antiguos investigadores. None of them were home, but we were able to contact great people. We had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation. After dinner, we were about to walk hom (we live super far from our work area) but a woman was sitting outside and her 2 year old son walked up to us and offered us his empty churro (chip) bag. We decided to talk with her. Unfortunately, she seemed like an unqualified mother as her child starting walking out into the street as cars were still passing by every 2-3 minutes. She didn´t get up and I went out to bring him back. Shortly after, he went out again and the mom didn´t do or say anything. (maybe I needed the talk from Carole M. Stephens). Despite our efforts, she said she wasn´t ready, and she didn´t want to "play with the things of God". We did all we could.

Finally, on to conference! We had a special contact come to conference. We had contacted her 3 weeks ago when my comp stopped to tie his shoes. I don´t know why, but while waiting I called the house in front to see if anyone was there and Nora came out. She works for a family there (cousin is the dad) while her family lives in Copán. We left a simple Restoration folleto and didn´t think much of it. On Fridaywith Elder Marte, we contacted the house again and she came out and said she read the folleto. We asked her what she had learned and understood very well the story of José Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel. We invited her to pray and come to General Conference and said we would stop by Sunday morning to remind her. Well, on Sunday, we came at 9:15 instead of 9:45 because we wanted her to watch Music and the Spoken Word and she was already ready. They other family didn´t come, but she did and enjoyed it a lot.

On to what I enjoyed at conference. Well, we watched it in English with air conditioning in the Sumo Consejo board room. It was awesome. I loved all the talks, but a couple I liked a lot:
  • Uchtdorf - Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey
  • Maynes - potters clay example
  • Lawrence - "what lack I yet?" ... the holy ghost will tell us EXACTLY what we need to do next, not everything at once, but line upon line
  • Cook - ship shape bristol fashioned
  • Hales - baggy...talking about debt, marriage, and the miracle "he came to himself"
  • Holland - wow...thanks mom
  • Foster - hellen keller was able to do what she did because her mother was a great teacher
  • Stanfill - bike tunnel story
  • Martino - Nefi vs. Laman and Lemuel vs Sons of Mosiah
  • Andersen - give brother joseph a break and move on, FAITH
  • Eyring - the Lord will magnify us in our callings
  • Monson - be thou an example...he looked gasted near the end
  • Rasband - got the impression to marry someone who will polish me after the Lord´s molding
  • Renlund - look through Heavenly Father´s eyes and do the work HIS way
  • Nelson - women are awesome..."ARE YOU DONE CRYING??"
  • Christofferson - great talk to share with investigators about the true church
  • Durrant - it was simple, but money EACH week and #ponderize (#meditizar)
  • Keetch - surfers and commandments
  • Stephens - she is probably an awesome wife/mom/ belt story
  • Haynie - 3 Nefi 27:19-20 and today
  • Bednar - bringing it home with a shoutout to the former apostles
I think my favorite talks were from Lawrence, Maynes, Holland, and Durrant...I have already started to #ponderize with DyC 64:33.

Well, for P-day I woke up at 6:00 to read the scriptures, ponderize a bit, and cleaned the house. We played fútbol as a zone and we are now writing. Good start of the week.
Unfortunately, something is up with my memory card when I try to download the fotos. I will see what I can do to not erase the old fotos. Until then, no fotos this week :( But, I hope you guys have a great week! Love you all!

-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 9/28/15 - 10/5/15

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