Families Are Forever


Kind of a tough week. Elder Lyon from La Smith 2 went home two weeks early because of health problems and his companion Elder Elmer from Utah is going to be in a trio with us working in our area and his area. He graduated in 2015, has just a few months in the mission, and it kind of feels like being in a companionship with Christian.

Familia Darce is still progressing well. We left with them a list of 60 algo scriptures from the Book of Mormon and the invitation to read one each day as a family after dinner. They willingly accepted. We are hoping for them to be baptized the 14th of November, but we are still waiting for things to get worked out in Nicaragua so they can get married here in Honduras. Jessica, the 13 year old daughter, made a "Families are Forever" cosita for new beginnings...can´t wait for them to get baptized so by the end of next year they can get sealed.

On Thursday, we were in Villa Florencia in La Smith 2. We had an interesting lesson with a contact from the week before named Alejandra. She was super pilas last week and came to church, but we believe she talked with one of her 5 pastor brothers because she received us joyfully, but tried to machete us with Galatas 1:7 about angels and Apocolipsis when it talks about "don´t add things to this book"...we tried teaching principles of lesson 1 and then answering her machetes but she truly wasn´t listening to us. No quiso hacer caso.

A lot of appointments fell this week and the investigators that we were hoping for to be baptized this month aren´t following through. Kind of tough, but the beat goes on. I stayed in SPS while my comp and Elder Elmer went to La Smith for Saturday and Sunday. I was with Elder Méndez from Guatemala and Elder Martínez from Idaho. We live together, but I had never worked with them. They have a really interesting area. They have some neighborhoods called Juan Lindo (Bella Vista it is called by the rich people) which is SUPER wealthy...mansions, nice cars, and helicopter pads. However, right by is la colonia Gracias a Dios and La Hammaca, which are SUPER poor. It was weird because we taught a lesson with an investigator named Orlin (who wants to get baptized, change his life, and has gone to church 3 times ya) whose casita is on a little hill near the huge mansions. He has no water and no electricity and there were a ton of mosquitos. Great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and interesting experience seeing where "the other half lives" (well, 95% live) and where the super wealthy live. We had some other good contacts that day as well, finding a family of 10, but some of the kids are probably MS or getting involved.

Good P-Day. Woke up a little early, read sections 87 and 88 of DyC, watched Bible Videos, ponderized, then we went to the market to go look at prices for recuerdos and Christmas gifts for December. Let me know if you guys want anything specific.

Well, despite it being a tough week, it´s going to be a better one. Cheque. 

-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 10/12/15 - 10/19/15

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