Torch Still Lit


Another quick week here in the mission field, but it was another good one. We saw some progress with several investigators and families, and we saw not so much from others, but we are moving forward.

As always, we did two sets of divisions, the first was with Elder Lyon from Las Vegas, Nevada. We had some citas fall, but we had some good contacts and lessons nevertheless. We had a good lesson with la familia Cuadra. The entire family are members except for the muslim dad who knows English. He has a hard heart and doesn´t want to accept the Book of Mormon. We are working with him little by little. Elder Lyon and I talked a lot about the mission and home...he´s actually supposed to be going home this change on the 28th of October, but he may be going home Wednesday because of health issues. Good guy and a great missionary.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we had some good quality lessons, but at the same time, a lot of citas fell because of vacations. Our area was like a ghost town. Nevertheless, we had a good lesson with Familia Blanco on the word of wisdom. Later in the week, we taught them about the sabbath day and they are looking good as they came to church on Sunday. The best thing is that they are married! We also began teaching an old investigator named Wilson and his brother James. They seem promising. We were actually hoping to baptize Wilson on the 24th, but neither came to church. Josue and Wendy was another good lesson, but they didn´t come to church.

As of right now, the most promising family we have is the familia Darce. The two children (15 and 13) are members from a year ago. They, however, still have to get divorced and married and in order to accomplish this, we had a fast this past weekend. Every lesson for the past week and a half, we have been reminding them about the fast that we would start on Saturday and how we were going to start with eating dinner together. However, they understood it as they would fast all day Saturday and then eat dinner and then fast Sunday. When we got there, they were literally starving and super thirsty since it was a hot day and the dad had been working construction. We ended up having a good laugh while eating the baleadas and they ended up just doing the Saturday fast and we did the Sunday fast. They came to church and are looking very animated.

Friday was a very special day...we did divisions in Ocotillo!!! I went with Elder Wight and Elder Cerros (both from Australia) in Ocotillo 2, my old area. We stopped by converts, and found old investigators and they are willing to receive the missionary lessons again. It was awesome to go back. We took a short break and went to La Aldea for a baptismal interview and then got back to Ocotillo for a noche de hermanamiento at the church. I got to say hello to many members. The next day, an old investigator that Elder Merlos and I had found got baptized. Unfortunately, we couldn´t stay for that, but it was nice to see them. 

Sunday was pretty good. We had four at church (Familia Darce and Familia Blanco). We had some decent lessons and contacts. We were really exhausted since we were fasting....lunch to lunch is better than dinner to dinner. We contacted a man named Memphis and sat down and taught him a lot. When we started out, he made it seem like he didn´t know much, but as we talked and answered his questions and his counter questions, we knew he had investigated the church a lot and could have been even an inactive apostate member. We finished the night having dinner and breaking the fast with la familia Agurcia. We shared a message that they needed. The oldest daughter is a returned missionary (she knows Gwen Humble and Amy Lee actually) from the temple square mission and said that we had the spirit because they had earlier been talking about the scriptures we used (Moroni 7:46-47 and 1 Nefi 21:15-16). They made us pizza, a "pizza catracha" (bean sauce, eggs, cream, cheese, fried plantains) and a dessert that had a baked apple with Cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel ice cream. MMMM.

Well, that´s how the week went. Oh ya, on Saturday I hit the "2 months to go" Exactly two months ago I was starting the change with Elder Paraso in Cofrad√≠a and it feels like yesterday. Still finishing strong with the torch still lit (Uchtdorf). CHEQUE LEQUE!

-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 10/5/15 - 10/12/15

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