Six weeks to go...


Better week, but still a little trying at times. We finished up the change and my last change (6 weeks to go) started today. I woke up a little earlier today to study the scriptures. So that I am accountable for my metas I will tell you some basic ones...
  • Terminar el Libro de Mormon de nuevo desde el principio
  • Terminar Doctrina y Convenios (1 sección al día, voy por sección 95)
  • Terminar leyendo y marcando Los Evangelios (me faltan Lucas y Juan) 
The best news of the week is that la familia Darce are likely to get their divorce papers finalized on the 10th of November. We may not be able to see them married and baptized on the 14th (the fecha), but we will probably see it this upcoming change. They were unable to go to church this Sunday, but we will go tonight for a noche de hogar.

We had an interesting contact during the week. As we were leaving from a fallen cita (we had a lot this week), un vago (Homeless man) called us over and we went over. We talked with him and it turns out that he was a member, served a mission in Costa Rica (he still has his plaque kept away), and possibly sealed in the temple. His wife and daughters, also members, live in Vancouver. He has a house in between Dos Caminos and Villanueva, but left it (the neighbor watches over it) because there were a bunch of marreros and he had a surgery recently which left him with nothing. We bought him some fruit, bread, and some juice from a nearby pulpería and invited him to church. HE CAME TO CHURCH! He smelled kind of bad, but he came early and was sitting on the bench waiting peacefully. He stayed the second hour and talked with the Elder´s Quorum President in order to see what we can do to help. Neat experience. He plans on coming next week.

We had some weird companionship changes for the weekend. We are in a trio right now (I explained last week) and a missionary from El Carmen (the stake) who was serving in Tegucigalpa until he gets his visa for Mexico, came up to SPS for immigration stuff and I was comps with him for the weekend. It was very interesting. We did have a neat experience. On Sunday night just as we were about to go back to the house for dinner, a house stood out to me so we decided to contact it. He told me that it was late for a contact, but right after I said "Buenas" we heard a "ya voy!!!". Wow. We talked with the hermano briefly (I didn´t see his face in the shadows) and asked if we could come in and he said yes. As we were walking in, I realized that I had been there before...nearly 6 weeks early and in the dark. I didn´t realize it at first because I had been new and it was dark. Anyways, we had a nice lesson. His "friend" that´s a girl (you know what that means) was there who wasn´t there last time. We shared the Mormon message of the Book of Mormon with the bishop from England. We talked about the Book of Mormon, the man shared some insights (a classic evangelical response) and then we asked the woman and she gave us a lengthy response. She told us that while she has always been Catholic/kind of Evangelical, "the father of her children" is Mormon and all of his family and some of her family as well. She has visited the San Diego Temple and loved it. She knows about temple sealings and a lot of doctrine, but she never wanted to read the book of Mormon. She still has little interest, as both she and her husband have separated. All in all, we left them with downloading the Gospel Library app and listening/reading to 3 Nefi 11. She gave a so-so maybe. She has a heart that´s very duro, but hopefully she can open up, read with real intent, and come to know that it is true.

Interesting lesson with Familia Blanco this week. I won´t explain it now, but remind me to tell you the story about Belkin´s shirt that she had on during the lesson.

Good P-day despite some temporary troubles. I was talking with Elder Martinez from Idaho last night and we got on the subject that we have to see our future wives in all seasons before marrying her and try to see how she reacts in a stressful situation. Well, I had a great morning. I woke up early at 6:00 to read the scriptures and then wash clothes and wash the refri. We were going to go to the "Coca Cola" (google "Coca Cola Honduras sign" to see better pics) as a zone. We had set the time for 8:00 at the church in order to leave at 8:30, but another group of missionaries got there and left early. There were a bunch of little things, wrong buses, waiting, walking back and forth, etc which got me a little frustrated and irritated. As I was complaining quite a bit, I remembered what I had talked about last night and immediately repented. I stopped complaining and with more clarity addressed the situation to find solutions. After repenting, I truly enjoyed the hike to the Coca Cola, we ate at Denny´s, got hair cuts, and are now writing. Attitude and responding positively to stress is key. Christlike attributes of patience, hope, charity, humility are important as well as the first habit of highly-effective people (I forgot what it is called but I think it is be proactive...don´t let others or situations control you).

A member family told us about a video of her daughter this week. Here is the link. She talks way faster in person. We are working with her dad. He was born in Cuba, is from Spanish (Spaniard) decent, lived in the states for some time and as a consequence knows English and Spanish, and is a Muslim. Familia is a video for SOY (Central America´s EFY) that has Lola and other people from the Stake in it.

Well, that´s all I have this week. Take care!!!

-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 10/12/15 - 10/19/15


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