Last Change of the Mission

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Well everyone, we are now into the last change here in the mission field. I have a new companion Elder Toolson from Carlsbad, California. Elder Purcell went to Copán. It was a pretty good first week.

We took a lot of time getting to know the members and investigators. We had a lot of powerful lessons and I felt like we taught with more power and authority than in the past. We had a pair of good lessons with Ricardo Ramírez (uncle of a young man at church and son of a menos activa). We had a really good lesson earlier in the week but then when we visited him on Saturday night, he had been going through some rough circumstances. He had an accident at his job and the impresa took out money from his paycheck. He was left with just 300 lempiras (less than $15). He is also concerned because a woman who he got pregnant is going to be needing money and he doesn´t know what to do since he also pays for his mom and nephew at the house. We taught about the need to truly humble ourselves, "kneel down before our maker" and leave it all over to him COUPLED WITH obedience to His commandments. It was a powerful lesson and they were in tears. Unfortunately, none of them came to church. María had visited one of her family members and Ricardo probably slept in. We had went to pick him up, but the neighbor said everything was closed up. Sometimes things just happen. We will hope to visit this week.

Unfortunately, there is more bad news with la familia Darce. They didn´t come to church again (they had come the entire past change except for the last Sunday). That makes it two in a row. We talked to a lawyer who is going to help us out and he says that, because of time issues, we may not be able to get them married this year...possibly 6 months. We are still going all out to help them. What frustrates me a little bit is we did a fast, they were super animated, but they are easing up on obedience which dims their faith. This is the time when all of us need to be totally obedient, especially in the simple things like prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. Hopefully we will have a better week with them.

Fasting was a little difficult this weekend because it was really hot. It wasn´t the hottest day in the mission (Los Almendros, Choloma back in April/May), but it was still quite hot. Sunday afternoon when we broke the fast was up in the mid-high 90's. A member checked it on his phone and it was 35 C with a high of 38. The craziest thing is it is November! Summer did not end this year. Saturday night, I woke up sweating and really thirsty, but we stayed faithful to the fast and we hope to receive the blessings. Saturday (when we started the fast) was the "40 days to go" mark. Nice.

We played fútbol and an indoor synthetic field again for P-day. It was fun, but it is still really hot. That´s pretty much all I have. I´m excited to continue to "put in work" this last change. I talked with all the missionaries who went home last week and they said the 6 weeks are the fastest. I am doing all I can to leave it "all on the field" with no regrets.


-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 10/26/15 - 11/2/15

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