Turkey Bowl for P-Day

Elder Lund always liked Disney's, "The Lion King"


Another really quick week here in SPS again. It seems like every other day is the start of a new week. Nevertheless, it was a really great week and we are seeing some excellent progress with investigators preparing to be baptized on the 5th of December.

The first family is la familia Sagastume. Because of the lack of church attendance from some members of the family, we are "dividing and conquering" by teaching Santos (72), and the daughter Dilcia. Dilcia has received an answer than the Restoration is true and is super awesome. Santos kind of just listens and enjoys everything but we are sure he will be making baptismal covenants soon.

The other family is la familia Ulloa (pronounced Uyoa) José, Doris, and Oswaldo. They are a contact from about 3 weeks ago. They have come the past two weeks to church and enjoy it a lot.  We actually contacted them with the law of chastity and when we came back they had des a member and we put a fecha bautismal for the 5th of December.

On Saturday, we helped out in the stake youth conference. We had a "mini MTC" and we taught the youth how to testify and invite. We then went out and contacted near the church with "The Family" folleto. We also had a sweet activity where we put our testimonies in a helium filled balloon and let them go. One of the balloons wasn´t filled with a ton of helium so it landed on the other side of the street and a construction worker picked it up. We opened up the gate and contacted him. We invited him to church but he didn´t show. He lives in Santa Barbara.

We had a good lesson with José Cuadra (the weird cuban/gringo/honduran/muslim who is 75 and the youngest daughter is 3. We watched a documentary by BYUtv in the church called "A New Day for the Book of Mormon" because he doesn´t want to read at all. It was really good. Unfortunately, he is still super duro, but he said he will read the book.

Well, for P-day, we had a "turkey bowl" game with the zone. It was a lot of fun and we kind of just messed around. We were planning on making turkey deli sandwiches but everyone wanted to go to Dennys or KFC so that´s what we did.

That´s all I´ve got. See you guys soon.

-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 11/16/15 - 11/23/15

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