Familia from Cofradia--Baptized!

Zone with President and Sister Dester


Extremely quick week here in the mission field. It was another week filled with really great lessons and progress (even though unfortunately no one went to church). As always, we had a lot of citas that fell, but we did well contacting and finding some new investigators.

We gave service on Wednesday with la familia Cuadra. All the family are members except for the dad, José. He is an interesting fello. He was born in Cuba, comes from Spanish descent, lived in New York, and is a Muslim here in San Pedro Sula. He is 75ish and his wife is probably 32. He sounds like Wallace from Wallace and Grommit when he talks. All in all, there house is a disaster, but we started out cleaning up his work shop where he paints. It was extremely dirty. But we got it done. We have been trying to teach him about profetas and we are making progress, but he still can´t accept the book of mormon. We have mentioned and he is looking forward to watching a Book of Mormon documentary made by the church or BYU called "Another day for the Book of Mormon" or something like that.

We saw some excellent progress with Ricardo Ramírez. When we taught him on Sunday, his "rostro" (facial appearance) was looking a lot brighter. I asked him if he was planning on going out after but he said that he just got back from work. That´s what happens when the spirit starts entering into your life. He told us he had made a compromiso to work on Sunday (before teaching the lesson) and that he would go next week. We taught the family a solid Día de Reposo and we think he will be able to come. We set a baptismal date for the 5th of December.

We were able to set another baptismal date for the 5th of December - la familia Sagastume. It has been awkward teaching them, but we are focusing on Dilcia (35ish) and Santos (the dad...70ish). Dilcia had read 3 Nefi 11, understood it, and felt the spirit. She feels like the LDM is true and she wants to do the right. In the closing prayer, she asked for help to go to church and to get baptized. The dad (basically a grandpa) follows along and gives us hugs at the end. Although we haven´t had the privilege to teach him yet, we hope that Dilcia´s 16 year old son comes along as well. He finishes school this Saturday.

Last week, we contacted a couple who were holding hands and we ended up talking about marriage, chastity, and we gave them a folleto on chastity. We came back this weekend to teach her and her brother in law. Unfortunately, the boyfriend got drunk and someone called the cops on him and he´s in jail for the weekend, but as we talked, it sounds like she wants to change and keep the commandments. She already has 5 kids from her first "husband" and the boyfriend as 3 from his first "wife" ... we´ll see what happens. A lot of potential since she wants to change and he will receive blessings.

Good news...wait, great news! Familia Zepeda from Cofradía got baptized!!! I´ll send pics. Everyone got baptized except the oldest Raquel who works at Popeye´s in my area. She works on Sundays right now but she is pilas too. We had contacted the mom with the Book of Mormon back in September and by the time I left the 2 oldest were ready to get baptized, but the mom was still working on Sundays and from what I heard they didn´t want to get baptized in October because they were superstituos about getting baptized in the month of Halloween...ya. But I´m super pumped.

Good P-day. I did a deep clean of the bathroom in the morning, bought groceries, and read DyC 109 (o sea, 31 days and counting) We played football at Benque with about half the zone and ate arroz chino - 42 lempiras each and it was a TON of food. Not much else.

Well, trying to make the most of my tim
e and staying focused. #workhardplayhard #dedicated

-Elder Lund

San Pedro Sula 1, Zona San Pedro Sula 11/2/15 - 11/9/15

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